Geoff Farland


Called to the Bar: 25th August 2014

Areas of Practice

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Building & Construction
  • Commercial
  • Corporations
  • Environment / Planning
  • Equity
  • Estate / probate & wills
  • Property

About Me

After over 30 years experience as a solicitor in the commercial property and town planning area, I have moved to the Bar. As a barrister I expect to continue my passion for helping people and solving problems.

I bring to any task extensive knowledge in all aspects of the law relating to property, land use, leasing and development generally. With that knowledge and experience, I provide advice through a strategic and commercial lens.

I have provided that advice in an extra-ordinary variety of projects, whether large or small, from –

mixed use developments to High Street retail,
from large hospitals and medical centres, to the smallest surgery
from regional shopping centres to the small corner store, and
from major integrated resorts, to a small serviced apartment complex.
I am also familiar with commercial and industrial property, land/water interface proposals, valuation and compensation, and leasing generally.

I have advised government, institutional and other major landlords and investors as well as national, and many other, commercial tenants. For 12 years I led a team providing a wide range of retail leasing advice and legal portfolio management, for a global institutional client, with a NSW portfolio exceeding 20 regional and sub-regional centres.

Over many years, my practice has kept particular emphasis on the pro-active resolution of planning issues that arise in the development process.

I have also trained as a mediator, using the LEADR model.